Frequently Asked Questions

When is the festival ?

MMFF will take place from August 14th to August 27th 2023.

What is the maximum running time for participating shows in MMFF? What is the minimum running time?

Currently, the maximum running time for an in-person MMFF show is 60 minutes and the minimum running time for an MMFF show is 50 minutes. 

Can I mail or email my application? If so, where can I mail/email to?

No. Applications and payments will NOT be accepted by mail or e-mail. Any item received will be disregarded. Everything must be submitted via the Online Application only.

Will I be notified whether I have been accepted or not and when will I find out this information?

Everyone is invited to attend the lottery draw (whether online or in person) which will take place on March 12, 2023 @ 8 pm. Applicants will receive notification of the results of the lottery draw (i.e. accepted, waitlisted, or declined) via email by the following business day. The names selected via the lottery draw process will  posted on the website the following day.

Can I submit more than one application?

No. Artists may only submit one application. Artists can re-apply the following festival year.

Will you censor my show?

MMFF is an uncensored platform for artists to present their work. Having said that, the festival does not condone any illegal activity. The MMFF accepts no responsibility for any actions of the artist/company and its associations. Any company and its associates in violation of any applicable law, by-law, or any other rules or regulations, including policies of MMFF, will be subject to removal immediately from the festival without any compensation.

I don’t know what my show is yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. The description and details can be submitted later once you have been accepted into the festival.

Why would I want to put on a Fringe show?

Fringe is a great platform to produce a show while the fringe takes care of its presentation.

You can also experiment with content since Fringe is usually non-curated and is open to any performance genre of your choice. You can choose to tell your story; however you please; through text / music / moment /  mime / masks etc.

An artist and their team get to perform on a platform that is recognized worldwide, and expand their network with other artists coming from regions outside your recognized area.

My question hasn’t been addressed! Where can I turn?

For any question that has not been addressed, kindly email to