Boundaries & Hop Scotch

Boundaries (new) V2

Brief Synopsis:
Who do boundaries favour? Two characters, previously unknown to each other, explore themeanings of knowledge, tradition, and objectivity.

Producing Company: First Steps Theatre
Director :  Alexandra Rizkallah
Author / Playwright / Originator : 
Abhimanyu Acharya

Cast :

Hopscotch (new) V2
Brief Synopsis: (Explicit Language)
When two sisters, Ismene and Antigone, find themselves confined together, they are forced to deal with questions of love, memory, family, and freedom.

Cast :

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Siddharth Kumar_Big D
MK Ramoodith_Antigone
Marlaine Ramoodith_Character A
Laura Curiale_Producer
Joshua Patrick_Producer
Jack Vrolyk_Character B
Alexandra Rizkallah_Director
Ana Persijn_Ismene
Abhimanyu Acharya_Playwright